Welcome to The Matchbox Theatre
Sun 21 Feb 2016
Mon 16 Nov 2015
Mike Kenny's stage adaptation of E Nesbit's much-loved children's classic.
Wed 7 Oct 2015
An evening of Performance and Readings for Halloween
Sun 14 Jun 2015
Pendon Writers' Circle is having collective writers' block, but an interruption by a young woman unleashes their imaginations -- with surprising results!
Sun 22 Feb 2015
At its core the play focuses on the complex relationship between Mary and Queen Elizabeth … and the dealings of those men and women politicking and manipulating behind the scenes each with their own very specific agendas — honourable, misguided or wholly corrupt.
John Williams Celebratory Concert You are invited to attend an afternoon featuring short musical and theatrical extracts in celebration of John's life
Mon 10 Nov 2014
The Winter production is nearly upon us...
A Celebration of Shakespeare's 450th birthday with Entertainment and Supper
Thu 20 Feb 2014
The news that a government inspector is due to arrive in a small Russian town sends its bureaucrats into a panicked frenzy. A simple case of mistaken identity exposes the hypocrisy and corruption at the heart of the town in this biting moral satire full of acerbic wit, wicked comedy, slapstick, farce and mayhem. Although set in the nineteenth century David Harrower's adaptation takes the play into the twenty first century with magnificent wordplay, punchy translation and a marvellous sense of mischievous and, on occasion, downright black humour.